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My talks and videos on Web Development.

I love to share my knowledge with others, in talks, presentations, videos and other forms of content. These are some of the talks I gave over the years.



hablemos.dev (Opens in a new window)


Series of streams in spanish about WebDev in general. Streamed 36 Sundays for a total of almost 60 hours, sometimes with the company of members of the hablemos.dev community. Stopped in order to focus on a new video series called letstalk.dev.


The web of the future (Opens in a new window)

BarCamp MDQ 2018

Talk about Progressive Web Apps. Compared it with previous tech, showed the flow of a progressive web app and talked about the future of Web Development.

TypeScript Workshop

SUMA Conectivo

I gave a small introductory workshop about TypeScript for folks that didn't knew it at that time.