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My articles on Web Development.

I love to talk and write about technical stuff. This are some of the articles I wrote over the years expressing my opinions and explaining the reasoning behind them.

We don't need Throw

Exceptions in JavaScript are usually overly used. In this article, we will see why we don't need them and what we can use instead.

The Hazards of short circuits

Let's cover the hidden dangers of short circuits in JavaScript and explore alternative approaches for writing more reliable and maintainable code.

We don't need Map

Maps are an overly misused feature of JavaScript that a plain object or array can replace in most cases.

We don't need this

We analyze the usefulness of the "this" keyword in JavaScript and explore the options to avoid it altogether.

The paired hook pattern

We go over a pattern I used in my React apps and solve some common issues I've seen around.

We don't need null

While many programming languages that have a nullish type debate about avoiding it, JavaScript is the only popular one with two. Let's fix that.

We don't need control statements

Some control statements such as "if," "for," "while," and "switch" are not always the best solution in JavaScript. In this article we explore some good alternatives.

We don't need mutations

Mutations are at the core of pretty much every single bug in JavaScript. So let's explore how we can avoid them.

Shortest FizzBuzz

FizzBuzz is an outdated interview exercise; let's make it fun by golfing with it trying to make the shortest possible version.

We don't need classes

Classes are an inadequate encapsulation mechanism in JavaScript. Let's explore the reasons why.

Fixing the government code

We look at a piece of code from the Argentinian government COVID WebApp and fix some glaring issues.

reduce or for…of?

We go over the pros and cons of using "reduce" and using "for…of" to answer the question of which one is better.