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Lou Cyx with a pink background and a blue monochromatic filter. Lou is looking at the camera with a playful and confident expression.

I'm Lou Cyx, web developer, hobbyist DJ and casual gamer

I am a tech enthusiast whose love for technology began in the 90s with a bootleg Famicom and a discarded SEGA Genesis me and my brother got from a neighbor. Growing up in Argentina, I spent hours at cybercafes, immersing myself in games and forming relationships with people that are friends of mine to this day. Once I finished middle school, I enrolled in a technical high-school, dedicating ten hours a day for three years to become a programmer. After getting a high-school degree in computer science, I took a year off to reconnect with friends and discovered my passion for Deejaying , first performing for friends but later for huge crowds with really particular musical taste.

Determined to broaden my skillset, I pursued two paths simultaneously: enrolling in a school to obtain a “System Analysis Technician” degree and teaching myself web development. As my skillset grew, I started sharing my knowledge by giving technical talks at events in my city. My self-taught path ultimately led to my success, landing my first job at a small studio and eventually a multinational company.

I began freelancing, working with clients in the US, and it was a transformative experience, allowing me to apply my expertise to exciting new projects and travel outside my home country for the first time. Eventually, I received an offer from a US-based company, which I accepted and moved to the US in March 2020.

Despite the challenging circumstances of moving during a pandemic, I persevered and found a new way to share my passion for web development through educational streams on Twitch. It has been an enriching experience to connect with others and share my knowledge. My unconventional path has allowed me to learn at my own pace and build a career that I genuinely love.